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Laboratories and Facilities
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Rabu, 20 November 2013 03:27


Laboratories at MED FIT provide facilities for lab-works and researches. For a lab-work, students are assisted by lab assistant who will help acquiring course materials through experiments. One lab assistant will help 4 to 6 students at each lab sessions. Lab assistants mostly are senior students who already pass the course with excellent grade. Every student is welcome to apply as a lab assistant. However, selection process has to be conducted.

For research activities, laboratories provide sophisticated equipments. Manufacturing workshop (includes cnc machines, laser cutting, welding equipments), materials testing and analysis, metrology equipments, rapid prototyping machine and automation and control equipments can be used to support researches. In certain circumstances, 24 hours access can be granted exclusively for students of Department of Mechanical Engineering in conducting research.


In this laboratory there are a number of computers that have been equipped with a variety of up to date software such as Solidworks.  Engineering and mechanical drawing course assignments conducted in this lab.

Energy Conversion Lab

This lab provides facilities to build knowledge and understanding of basic engineering phenomenon through experiments. Vibration, deflection, friction, viscosity and fluid mechanic are some of engineering phenomenon to be studied.

Industrial Metrology Lab

This lab is intended to support the course Industrial Metrology, Measurement Techniques and other subjects related to the techniques and methods of measurement geometry. Laboratory equipment supplied is sufficient measuring equipment including digital and manual are mainly used in Industrial Metrology Lab.

Production Process Lab

This lab has lab equipments in the form of welding machines, lathes, milling and several other supporting equipments. The laboratory supports activities such as lectures and lab work of production process, as well as a profit center.

Mechatronics Lab

This laboratory accommodates activities related to automation, pneumatic, PLC and Robotics. In addition to the lab work and research which are regularly been held, the Mechatronics Lab is also used as a place where students preparing their participation in various competitions in the field of mechatronics and robotics.

Manufacturing System Lab

The laboratory covers precision machining activities utilizing CNC technology. CNC machine typically used in the manufacture of jewelry such as Roland EGX-36, MDX-20 and EGX 600 are available. For dies and mould, large capacity CNC machines Hurco VMX-24 is used.



In addition to develope laboratory as a means of education, MED FIT also developed two training centers, the Manufacturing and Mechatronics Training Center.

Manufacturing Training Center

Manufacturing Training Center is a place to apply CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) for the design and manufacturing process. Those are particularly to support the development of excellence of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in jewelry products, crafts, and art. The training materials include product designing jewelry, crafts, and art utilizing CAD / CAM technology and CNC machine.

Mechatronics Training Center

This center provides mechatronics equipments to support research and training in mechatronics and automation. Various automation and mechatronics trainings are available in conjuction with the industry. Training materials include pneumatic (air power control system), electropneumatik, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), microcontrollers, and robotics.



In addition to the library at faculty and university level, MED has also assortment of library collections in the form of reference book, accredited Journal, magazine, dissertation, thesis, report, reports, proceedings as well as faculty research reports. To borrow department library's collection, students must meet the rules set by the Department.