Undergraduate Thesis

Final Project (TA) is one of the compulsory subjects in the form of a research or design project that aims to test the ability of students to find, analyze and solve problems by integrating the knowledge, knowledge and skills acquired during the lecture. The type of TA that can be done is:


  • Laboratory research
  • Analysis and problem-solving in the industry


  • Design/product manufacture
  • Design/tool manufacture

To be able to do the final assignment, students already have the grades of all Compulsory Course Study (Mata Kuliah=MK), at least two Preferred MKs with grades more than C and a GPA of more than 2.0. The TA details and technical requirements will be arranged in a special guidebook on TA.

The Final Project Handbook, Sample Log Book, along with the Final Report Template can be downloaded here.

Starting in the academic year 2017/2018 the Final Project period is carried out according to the following schedule.