Production Process

Production Process Laboratory

The Manufacturing Process as the Basic Science of Engineering is a very important subject for students of the Faculty of Engineering, because it becomes the foundation in understanding the Engineering and Design Sciences. In understanding Manufacturing science, it is not enough to read literature or lectures, but need to be accompanied by experiments and practices, so that students can see, observe and calculate directly the phenomena that occur. Therefore the Manufacturing Process practicum becomes an integral part of the Manufacturing Process course.

The laboratory is a facility that must be owned by universities in order to produce graduates who have competencies according to the field of science they are practicing. The function of the laboratory is as a place which trains the abilities and skills of students while studying in Higher Education.

Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia, which has Department of Mechanical Engineering, has set its goal of creating and producing competent graduates who are able to integrate the disciplines they practice with Islamic sharia. In realizing this goal, the presentation of the course curriculum is the main determinant. Therefore the curriculum presented is not only in the form of theory in the classroom, but also in the form of a combination of theory, practicum, field practicum and internship. In its application, facilities that must be owned by universities are laboratories.

Since its establishment in 1999, Faculty of Industrial Technology of Universitas Islam Indonesia has only an Integrated Laboratory whose activities serve basic courses practicum while for practicums that require more complete equipment and facilities are carried out in laboratories at Universitas Gadjah Mada

In its implementation, laboratory management significantly determines the implementation of functions and the role of the laboratory in supporting the graduates’ competencies produced. Good and correct laboratory management will produce sustainable laboratory activities, use of equipment and facilities in a directed and controlled manner, the existence of equipment maintenance systems, ease in utilizing laboratory services and income generating for the laboratory.

The Manufacturing Process Laboratory, which was previously called Production Process, was omitted due to a change in curriculum in 2011. The Manufacturing Process Laboratory began to operation in June 1999 up to present. This laboratory is located in the FIAI building UII, Jl. Kaliurang KM 14.5 Yogyakarta, located on the ground floor of the west wing on the left side of the FIAI lecture building which is now called the K.H Ahmad Mansur Building. The establishment of the Manufacturing Process Laboratory at Faculty of Industrial Technology is expected to help all parties to revise the basics of how to conduct a process to produce a product that goes through the production process especially in the supply of manufactured products in addition to its main tasks and functions as educational institutions.

The Production Process Laboratory has an area of approximately 200 m2, consisting of 5 spaces (laboratory headroom, lecturer room, laboratory / assistant room, research room, lab room and equipment room) and wide space in front of the Manufacturing Process lab room as land trial.

The Manufacturing Process Laboratory has the following tasks and functions:

  1. It is a forum that can create creativity, practice skills and develop the knowledge and insights of FTI UII Department of Mechanical Engineering students and academics.
  2. Provide facilities and equipment needed by students and academics in the implementation of practicums, research and student activities
  3. Support the achievement of the goals of education and learning in higher education
  4. Establish cooperation with Government agencies in the framework of developing science and technology skills in manufacturing
  5. Improving the quality of graduates of the Industrial Technology Faculty in the field of Mechanical Engineering who are concentrating on manufacturing