On-The-Job Training

On The Job Training (Kerja Praktek=KP) is a compulsory course study that aims to provide opportunities for students to be directly involved with industry relevant to the field of mechanical engineering. By implementing KP, it is expected that students will have broader knowledge and understanding of industrial needs outside of campus and encourage students to develop their abilities and knowledge.

Adequate knowledge and skills are needed to be able to recognize, analyze or provide alternative solutions in the place where KP is held. Therefore, to be able to carry out KP, students must have taken a minimum of 80 credits with a GPA of more than 2.0. Besides, they must also have passed several course studies, namely Manufacturing Process, Element I and Machine Element II. The details and technical requirements of the KP will be arranged in a specific guidebook on KP.

The Handbook of Practice Work and Job Training Report Templates can be downloaded here.