The Department of Mechanical Engineering is the youngest department at the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI). Taking into account the other existing study programs at FTI, the Department of Mechanical Engineering (FTI-UII) has determined the manufacturing technology as its concentration. This institution has the first department of manufacturing mechanical engineering in Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and Central Java. This study program was opened in the academic year 1999/2000 by the Decree No. 414 / DIKTI / Kep / 1999 on September 22, 1999.


To realize a superior Department of Mechanical Engineering as an organizer of educational activities, research, and community services in the context of developing knowledge and utilization of technology in manufacturing, which is committed to change and progress.


  1. Organizing higher education in mechanical engineering
  2. To provide qualified and outstanding graduates
  3. Take an active role in the development and application of manufacturing technology.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering and its graduates can play an active role in the development of manufacturing technology in the field of education and its application in the industry.