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Why study in Mechanical Engineering

Since 2016, UII’s Mechanical Engineering Study Program has obtained the accreditation status of A from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of UII’s Mechanical Engineering Study Program to continuous quality improvement. By focusing on manufacturing, especially on the competencies of product design and industrial automation, UII’s Mechanical Engineering Program undertakes structured development in curriculum formulation which focuses on analytical skills supported by applicative skills as per industry needs.

Training Centre

  • Manufacturing Training Center
  • Mechatronics Training Center

Career Opportunities

Graduates of UII’s Mechanical Engineering Study Program can work as Product Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Project Engineer, Research Engineer and Technopreneur in industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Processing, Food Processing, Building and Construction and Mining; Services; Power Generation; Researches; as well as Educational and Governmental institutions. Some alumni of UII’s Mechanical Engineering Study Program have been able to work abroad and many are able to pursue postgraduate studies at several leading universities, both domestic and abroad.