Collaboration Opportunities
Diterbitkan: 16 November 2013

With regards to the long term plan towards a world class university, UII has collaborated with other institutions.

Academic collaborations have been conducted with universities, both local and overseas. This has taken the form of student and staff exchange, joint research and internship programs. The student and staff exchange, along with joint research, has been conducted with Woosong University of Korea, Hokkaido University, Wollongong University, Hannseidel Foundation, Universitas Bina Nusantara, George Mason University, to name but a few. UII has also been working with International Internships in Australia to facilitate students from Australia to experience a working environment in Indonesia. The students come from Monash University, Sunshine Coast University, Macquarie University and Deakin University, among others.

UII has agreement with the Australian Consortium for In Country Indonesian (ACICIS) which help students from Australia to take program courses in Indonesia. The collaboration covers the area of development in thought, such as the collaboration with International Institute of Islamic Thought on Epistemology.

The collaborations are implemented not only at university level, but at department level as well. Hence, Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) FIT is very welcome to make any collaborations  with other universities, companies, institutions, organizations, associations, communities and individuals in the area of education, research, business,  etc. in order to gain mutual benefits. For example, every year students from Rajamangala University of Technology Tanyaburi (RMUTT) Thailand come to MED-FIT to take a two-month course works during inter-semester break.

Should you have any concerns in making collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering FIT, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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